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Scheme Details

National Livestock Mission (NLM)
1 Introduction

The Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Government of India is implementing the scheme of National Livestock Mission since the financial year 2014-15. In view of the present need of the sector the NLM scheme has been revised and realigned from F/Y 2021-22. The revised scheme of National Livestock Mission (NLM) aims towards employment generation, entrepreneurship development, increase in per animal productivity and thus targeting increased production of meat, goat milk, egg and wool under the umbrella scheme Development Programme. The excess production will help in the export earnings after meeting the domestic demands. The concept of NLM Scheme is to develop the entrepreneur in order to create the forward and backward linkage for the produce available at the unorganized sector and to link with the organized sector.

The NLM will be implemented throughout India in accordance with guidelines described hereunder.

2 Mission Objectives

The NLM intends to achieve the following objectives:

1. Employment generation through entrepreneurship development in small ruminant, poultry and piggery sector & Fodder sector.

2. Increase of per animal productivity through breed improvement.

3. Increase in production of meat, egg, goat milk, wool and fodder.

4. Increasing availability of fodder and feed to substantially reduce the demand – through strengthening the fodder seed supply chain and availability of certified fodder seeds.

5. Encouraging establishment of fodder processing units to reduce the demand supply gap.

6. Promoting risk management measures including livestock insurance for farmers.

7. Promoting applied research in prioritized areas of poultry, sheep, goat, feed and fodder.

8. Capacity building of state functionaries and livestock owners through strengthened extension machinery to provide quality extension service to farmers.

9. Promoting skill based training and dissemination of technologies for reducing cost of production, and improving production of livestock sector.

3 Mission Design

The realigned National Livestock Mission will have following three Sub-Missions:

(a) Sub-mission on Breed Development of Livestock and Poultry

(b) Sub-mission on Feed and Fodder Development

(c) Sub Mission on Innovation and Extension

3.a. Sub-mission on Breed Development of Livestock and Poultry:

Proposes to bring sharp focus on entrepreneurship development and breed improvement in poultry, sheep, goat and piggery by providing the incentivization to the Individual, FPOs, FCOs JLGs, SHGs, Section 8 companies for entrepreneurship development and also to the State Government for breed improvement infrastructure.

3.b. Sub-mission on Feed and Fodder Development:

This Sub-Mission aims towards strengthening of fodder seed chain to improve availability of certified fodder seed required for fodder production and encouraging entrepreneurs for establishment of fodder Block/Hay Bailing/Silage Making Units through incentivisation.

3.c. Sub-mission on Innovation and Extension:

The sub-mission aims to incentivize the Institutes, Universities, Organizations carrying out research and development related to sheep, goat, pig and feed and fodder sector, extension activities, livestock insurance and innovation. Under this sub-mission, assistance will be provided to the central Agencies, ICAR Institutes and University farms for applied research required for development of the sector, extension services including promotional activities for animal husbandry and schemes, seminars, conferences, demonstration activities and other IEC activities for awareness generation. Assistance will also be provided for livestock insurance and innovations.

4 Jurisdiction of the scheme:

The scheme will be implemented all over India from 2021-22.

5 Institutional Structure
5.1 Empowered Committee (EC)
5.1.1. Constitution of EC:

Empowered Committee will be established under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India. The other members of the committee will be Financial Advisor, DAHD, Animal Husbandry commissioner, Joint Secretaries of DAHD and Principal Secretaries of Selected States representing 5 regions on a rotational basis (North, East, West, South and North-eastern states) Representatives of the line Ministries. The Member Secretary of the empowered committee will be Joint Secretary, National Livestock Mission who will also be the Mission Director of NLM.

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